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Qrontech Co

Qrontech Co. was established in 2006 and is the pioneer that introduced built-in dashcam (“GPS Blackbox”) in South Korea.  We have a loyal customer base worldwide including the UK market with our brand ‘Lukas’ and ‘Qvia’ brand.


At Qrontech Co., Ltd., we are committed to providing the best quality products and customer service to our customers. With these top priorities, we have been relentlessly working on manufacturing high-end dash cameras with our industry professionals and researchers. Since the establishment in 2006, Qrontech has been engaged in the IT business, developing various IT products and carrying out engineering projects.

In 2009, Qrontech has entered into the Dash Camera Industry, and have brought the 'LUKAS' & 'QVIA' to market.
Today, Qrontech, as the front-runner in the Dash Camera Industry, continues to focus on developing diverse 
series of high-end dash cameras that are designed to fit all different driver styles and needs around the world

The brand 'QVIA' has several meanings in it. The first letter 'Q' stands for Qrontech to signify where we have started from. The Q also means 'Quest for Innovation' which then is followed by the three remaining letters 'VIA'
So, the Quest for Innovation VIA customer-centred mindset and R&D makes the brand 'QVIA'.
Choose QVIA and experience our high-quality dash cameras with the most innovative features.